My Why

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! If you’ve found my page, it’s likely you’re interested in learning more about my pursuit of vibrance and what in the heck that even means?! Well, cozy up, jump into your favorite yoga pants and let’s jump right on in!

Fortunately or unfortunately, my life has been filled with some heartbreaking moments. As my closest tribe knows, in 2019 my mother was diagnosed with a rare life threatening neurological movement disorder. As we sat in the doctors office, digesting the news we were simultaneously told she had 5 years to live, and maybeeeee 1 of those years would be “good”. Gut punch. Let me tell ya, nothing makes you take stalk of your life and re-evaluate faster. 

At the time, my husband and I had been toying with the idea of starting a family. But in that moment, I knew I so desperately wanted my mom to be there to support me in my journey to motherhood and love on at least one of my children. By the grace of God we were able to start our family rather quickly, and soaked up every second of time with my mom in Nana mode. And then, as God and fate would have it, my mom’s health continued to remain stable and she had the opportunity to meet our second little blessing! A moment filled with immense gratitude and surprise. Gosh, what a privilege it’s been to walk through the transition into motherhood with her and have her by my side. One that is not lost on me, in the slightest.

And then our absolute God wink came when her diagnosis was adjusted…as she continued to beat the odds. Praise Jesus, Hallelujah! There’s a lot more to the story that I’ll dive into one day but as I reflect back on that time, I realize God was so clearly in our story. Showing us in the most blatant way that time is fleeting and we HAVE to enjoy every single second and make it count as if it’s our last. What a gift to be given at a young age.

Was it hard, yes. Did I spend way too many hours, nights and days worrying? Yes. But, what a gift to be blessed with at the start of my motherhood journey. The knowing, that at the end of our days, time is our currency. Not only do we need to make our time count, but we also need to spend it where and with whom it matters most.

So, why am I sharing this and how does this all lead me to THIS journey? Well, what I haven’t shared yet is that I also hold a Masters in Public Health and am an absolute nerd when it comes to all things community health, environmental health and disease prevention. Given my background and experience, my mother’s diagnosis and simultaneous journey into motherhood led me deep into research mode. I wanted to know all the things, starting with top causes of Neurological disorders alllll the way to the other spectrum of toxic products to avoid when pregnant. The past few years have been transformative as I’ve dug into the “why’s”. 

During my studies, I learned many of these concepts but at the time I was also a young broke grad student trying to make a living in the Bay Area. My priority was to pay the bills and as a result, I put “what I needed to do” on the back burner. I naively thought I’d have plenty of time to get to it later….for a day when I had the time and frankly money. Because that’s what we all do, right?! Unfortunately in our society, doing the right things for ourselves and our bodies is HARD. The system isn’t set up to help us succeed. AND that my friends, is why I am here today and why I couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer. 

At this stage in life, I am personally committed to creating a full life with my family. Doing what I love, what brings me joy, spending it with those I love, all while having energy and feeling my absolute best self. Because when I am at the end of my days, I want to look back and think – I lived the best, most vibrant life! And my prayer for you, is that you can do the same. 

My goal and mission for “Pursuit of Vibrance” is to share the tips, tricks and lessons I learned and continue to learn along the way. To provide you with helpful information that I hope will one day be common knowledge AND the easy option. I pray you walk away from this space feeling equipped and empowered to make informed decisions for yourself and your families. And ultimately, that you can apply lessons from my journey and definition of vibrance, to your definition of vibrance. Know that this is my point of view (POV), my Pursuit of Vibrance (POV). But if I can inspire you to define yours and follow your Pursuit of Vibrance, I’ve fulfilled my goal. 

Join me on the journey of fostering and sustaining the vibrant lives we all deserve!